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Grow your business and secure your future by joining one of the leading insurance brokerage networks in New Zealand. 

Insure 247 is a New Zealand-based insurance brokerage network part owned by Steadfast that offers authorised bodies (ABs) a range of advantages, including:

Brand recognition

Insure 247 is a well-established brand in the Australasian insurance market, which can help ABs gain credibility and trust among clients.

Access to a broad range of insurance products

We provide ABs with access to a wide range of insurance products from various insurers, enabling them to offer comprehensive insurance solutions to clients. (Including Steadfast Wordings)

Marketing and advertising support

Insure 247 provides its ABs with marketing and advertising support, including access to marketing materials, advertising campaigns, and public relations support.

Digital tools to grow your business

New Business leads from your dedicated landing page on the Insure 247 website

Compliance support

Insure 247 assists its ABs with regulatory compliance by providing ongoing training, guidance, and support on legal and regulatory requirements

Technology support

We provides access to advanced technology platforms, enabling you to manage business operations more efficiently and effectively. (Insight, SCTP, VIA an Proceso)

Why Insure247?

We take pride in tailoring our support and services to meet the unique needs of each office we work with. We recognize that every owner has different goals, objectives, and requirements, so we work with you to develop a customized service model that fits your specific situation. Whether you prefer to operate your own business with your brand and procedures or you prefer to focus on meeting with clients while leaving the processing to us, we have the ideal service model for you.

Discover what it means to be part of Insure247

Backed by Steadfast Group

Part of Ausure, a multi national insurance brokerage that looks after 230+ authorised bodies. 

Close working relationships with over 150 insurers, providing better outcomes for you and your clients. 

We're here to support you.

Insure 247 offers its ABs a range of advantages, including access to a broad range of insurance products, marketing and advertising support, compliance support, technology support, and business development support. These benefits can help ABs provide a more comprehensive service to their clients, while also enabling them to grow their business and achieve greater success in the competitive insurance market.
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